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Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Prostate Cancer Support Oakville Mississauga


proudly serving the communities of Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and surrounding areas in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario 

Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Prostate Cancer Support Oakville Mississauga


Diagnosed with prostate cancer? Exploring your treatment options? Looking for information or support?

You are not alone. We would like to help you. We welcome the recently diagnosed, those in the midst of prostate cancer treatment, and any family members seeking information and support.

We offer fellowship and guidance through personal experiences. We have made the journey. We can help.

And through our affiliation with Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada, we provide access to prostate cancer information, resources, support groups, webinars, and more.

Local Suppot Group


Support groups bring together people who are going through, or have already gone through, the experience of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, navigating treatment options, and managing the side effects that may accompany treatment.

We provide fellowship, understanding and hope to prostate cancer patients and their families through open honest discussion and sharing in a group setting, or one-on-one support as appropriate.

We provide a forum for medical experts and other healthcare professionals to inform us about treatment options, new developments and recommended lifestyle activities to enhance recovery and quality of life.

Prostate Cancer Support Oakville Mississauga invites you to join their meetings the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Meetings are held at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House at 2545 Sixth Line, Oakville.


Meetings are always free and require no advance registration. You will be warmly welcomed. Spouses and partners are always welcome.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Prostate Cancer Support Oakville Mississauga


To provide understanding, hope, and information to prostate cancer patients and their families

Prostate Cancer Support Oakville Mississauga is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit Support Group for prostate cancer patients, survivors and their families. Our group is run by prostate cancer survivors to help other men diagnosed with, and living with, this disease. Our members have been where you are and we think we can help you.

We are a proud member of Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada's network of Canadian prostate cancer support groups. PCFC is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to providing equitable prostate cancer support, and leadership and resources in prostate cancer awareness and research.

We are also a proud community partner of Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House.

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Prostate Cancer Support Oakville/Mississauga
Prostate Cancer Support Brampton
Prostate Cancer Support Toronto
Prostate Cancer Support Burlington Hamilton
About Us
One on One
Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Prostate Cancer Support Oakville Mississauga


Connect with a local Oakville/Mississauga prostate cancer patient to talk more about resources in your area. 

Or get matched with a patient anywhere in Canada who has experience in the specific topic you're looking to learn more about. 

Virtual Support Groups


Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada works with a network of support groups across the country that aims to provide equitable support for patients and their loved ones regardless of their location or stage of disease.

Visit their calendar to find:

  • 65+ local support groups across the country

  • specialized support groups for:

    • Advanced Prostate Cancer patients

    • Active Surveillance patients

    • Partners of patients 

    • GBTQ patients & partners

  • their Coast to Coast webinars which feature different expert speakers on the latest research each month

Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Prostate Cancer Support Oakville Mississauga
Reef Knot Kits
Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Reef Knot Kit - Free Patient Information Package


Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada's signature Reef Knot Kits have been carefully designed to aid you in researching your diagnosis and making difficult decisions surrounding your treatment options.


Only when you know what is best for you and your family can you make an informed decision.


We encourage anyone going through this journey to take the time to learn more about prostate cancer and take advantage of the resources provided in these kits.

Monthly Newsletter
Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Prostate Cancer Support Oakville Mississauga


Join the Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada support mailing list to receive their monthly newsletter

Your Monthly Debrief includes the latest updates on research opportunities, upcoming support group meetings and webinars, and ways for you to get involved with our community.


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